PhD in Medical Physics

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The PhD in Biomedical Engineering – Medical Physics Program focuses on training students’ research ability and experience in the field of medical physics with an emphasis on radiation therapy, in addition to the course work required by the MS in Biomedical Engineering – Medical Physics Program. Students graduating from the program are required to take the American Board of Radiology (ABR) exam and to apply for medical physics residency programs. Students are encouraged to seek academic positions after graduating from the program.

Students will complete most of the coursework in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and will join research projects in the Department of Radiation Oncology, or other collaborative departments or clinical sites. PhD students in the program will take two qualify exams. The first one is the general qualify exam required by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, usually after two-semester study and before the third semester starts. The second qualify exam is required by the Medical Physics Graduate Program, usually after all coursework has been completed.


The Medical Physics curriculum is designed to provide students with the technical and intellectual skills required for successful careers in the field of medical physics. In addition to the coursework required by the Biomedical Engineering PhD program, PhD students enrolled in the medical physics program must successfully complete 32 medical physics course credits, at least 12 credits in research dissertation (BME 830/840) in the field of medical physics, and other requirements by the BME PhD program.

Course # Title Credits
Unified Medical Sciences – 3 Credits (Choose One of the Following)
BME 601 Unified Medical Sciences I 3
BME 603 Unified Medical Sciences III 3
Core Courses – 28 Credits
BME 602 Unified Medical Sciences II 3
BME 620 Medical Imaging Systems (X-ray, CT) 3
BME 621 Medical Imaging Systems (MRI, NMI, Ultrasound) 3
BME 681 Radiation Biology and Physics 3
BME 682 Radiation Therapy Physics 3
BME 683 Radiation Protection 3
BME 701 Ethics and Professionalism for Engineers and Medical Physicists 1
BME 729 Advanced Medical Imaging 3
BME 781 Radiation Dosimetry and Physics 3
BME 783 Radiation Therapy Clinical Rotation 3
BME 784 Medical Physics Journal Club 1
Dissertation Research – 12 Credits
BME 830/840 Doctoral Dissertation Research 12+