BS in Biomedical Engineering – Biomaterials and Tissue Concentration

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The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers accredited program leading to BS degrees in Biomedical Engineering (BSBE). The program is a broad, interdisciplinary field that applies the science and technology of engineering to problems in biology, life sciences, medicine and biotechnology. The program covers a wide spectrum of activities which includes the development of artificial organs and limbs, implantable medical devices, tissue engineering, biomedical instrumentation, computing in medical research and diagnosis, signal or image processing, clinical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory engineering. The Biomedical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

The objectives of the BSBE – Biomaterials and Tissue Concentration program is to prepare graduates who, within the first four to six years after graduation are, either:

  • Working as a professional in the biomedical engineering or a related field, or
  • Continuing education to advance their careers through professional development activities or through the pursuit of advanced degrees

The degree has four concentrations are:

  • Biomaterials and Tissue (BSBE-BMERT)
  • Electrical (BSBE-BMERE)
  • Mechanical (BSBE-BMERM) and
  • Premedical (BSBEP-BMERP)


Students in the Biomaterials and Tissue concentration are required to complete the following courses:

Engineering Courses
BME 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
BME 112 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 2
BME 211 Introduction to Programming for Biomedical Engineers 3
BME 266 Human Physiology Laboratory 1
BME 302 Cellular Engineering 3
BME 303 Cell Engineering Lab 1
BME 310 Mathematical Analysis in Biomedical Engineering 3
BME 330 Foundations of Medical Imaging 3
BME 335 Biomaterials 3
BME 375 Fundamentals of Biomechanics 3
BME 401 Biomedical Design 3
BME 402 Senior Design I 2
BME 403 Senior Design II 1
BME 440 Biomedical Measurements 4
BME 450 Biomedical Transport Phenomena 3
BME 470 Biomedical Signal Analysis 3
BME 480 Biomedical Instrumentation 3
BME 512 Regulatory Control of Biomedical Devices 3
BME 535 Advanced Biomaterials 3
BME 565 Principles of Cellular and Tissue Engineering 3
BME 567 Tissue Engineering Lab 1
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
Technical Electives 6
Math and Science Courses
BIL 150 General Biology 4
BIL 151 General Biology Laboratory 1
BME 265 Medical Systems Physiology 3
BME 312 Biomedical Statistics and Data Analysis 3
CHM 121 Principles of Chemistry 4
CHM 113 Chemistry Laboratory I 1
CHM 205 Chemical Dynamics Laboratory 1
CHM 221 Introduction to Structure and Dynamics 4
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
MTH 311 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
PHY 221 University Physics I 3
PHY 222 University Physics II 3
PHY 223 University Physics III 3
PHY 224 University Physics II Lab 1
PHY 225 University Physics III Lab 1
Additional Requirements
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
ENG 107 English Composition II: Science and Technology 3
Arts and Humanities Cognate 9
People and Society Cognate 9
Total Credit Hours 131

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