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What is BME?

Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a closely related network of life sciences, the physical sciences and engineering. It is a field in which engineering principles and techniques are applied to the life sciences and medicine. It covers a wide spectrum of activities which includes the development of artificial organs and limbs, implantable medical devices, tissue engineering, biomedical instrumentation, computing in medical research and diagnosis, signal or image processing, clinical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory engineering. The diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to the physician entering the twenty-first century represent complex and intricate applications of engineering.

Mission Statement

The mission of the biomedical engineering program is to prepare future leaders in biomedical engineering who are motivated to create a positive impact on human health, medicine, and industry.

Educational Objectives

Within a few years after graduation, the graduates of the Department of Biomedical Engineering will be:

  • Working as professionals in industry, research, entrepreneurship, and medicine with high ethical standards.
  • Building careers across disciplinary boundaries while promoting a culture of inclusion.
  • Engaging in their self-development through professional development activities or the pursuit of post-graduate education.

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Department of Biomedical Engineering
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