Neural Engineering

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Cluster in the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Neural engineering applies engineering methods to study neural physiology and to assess, modulate and restore neural function with the goal of understanding and treating neural diseases. This cluster is focused on the assessment of vision, hearing and balance; monitoring neural function during surgery; and the development of neural interfaces, neuro-prosthetic devices and rehabilitative approaches to study and restore neural function. The cluster is supported by the recent creation of the Institute for Neural Engineering at the University of Miami (INEM), will is composed of a collaborative group of faculty from the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering and several others across the university, primarily in the School of Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences.  In addition, interactions will include partners in other universities and industry.  We intend to establish the INEM as a collaborative center of excellence at the University of Miami with activities including extensive collaborative research with shared instrumentation facilities, education through coordinated coursework and workshops, seminars and discussion groups, and social networking events.

COE Thrusts SupportedHealth, Materials, Data

Graduate Courses Offered:  

Course No. Course Name
BME 601 Biochemistry and Cellular Physiology for Engineers 
BME 602 Human Physiology for Engineers 
BME 603 Neurophysiology for Engineers 
BME 612 Regulatory Control of Biomedical Devices 
BME 613 Biomedical Systems Engineering 
BME 622 Scanning Electron Microscopy for Engineers 
BME 623 Neurosensory Engineering 
BME 624 Neuromotor Engineering 
BME 640 Microcomputer-Based Medical Instrumentation 
BME 655 Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience 
BME 670 Advanced Biomedical Signal Processing 
BME 713 Application of Computers in Medicine 
BME 722 Scanning Electron Microscopy Special Projects 
BME 735 Auditory and Visual Neural Systems


Faculty Participants
BME Members: Andrew Dykstra, Ozcan Ozdamar, Abhishel Prasad, Suhrud Rajguru, and Jorge Bohorquez

Other Departments & Schools: The cluster is aligned with the neuroscience and neural engineering pillar at the School of Medicine. Several institutes at the School of Medicine, at the Miami Project, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Ear Institute, McKnight Brain Institute; as well as faculty from computer science, biology, psychology and chemistry.